Reaching your prospects & retaining your customers just got easier.

Contactability’s all-in-one platform incorporates lead management best practices with intelligent lead nurturing strategies to accelerate your sales and customer engagement.

Lead capture & De-duplication

We integrate with any lead or traffic source and automatically detect duplicates inquires so you don’t have to waste your time. Automatically search and track performance of every lead at any stage of the sales funnel.

Instant response technology

We ensure that every lead is distributed to the right engagement channel within seconds of capture. Whether it’s voice or email we will help your business engage with your prospects quickly. Your prospects will be pleasantly surprised at how fast and efficient your office will be.

Intelligent Nurturing Algorithms

Prospects that can't be reached at first will be placed in our nurturing queue and followed up by our team of dedicated ContactConcierges™. Every prospect will be processed and worked diligently on behalf of your business. We will engage with your prospect, and verify their level of intent and interest in learning more about your business.

Warm Transfers & Appointments

Once the prospect is engaged we warm transfer them directly to your dedicated line, or schedule appointments based on your availability. We do all of the lead management and follow-up work so that you can focus on selling and servicing clients.

Intuitive User Interface & Reporting

Our dashboard and reporting gives you a birds-eye view into everything that's happening behind the scenes as every process and event is documented and reported to you in real-time. Easily track performance of your lead sources and ROI. Track progress, and get full transparency on every lead and inquiry. Access your data on any device, anywhere in the world.

Calendar & Reminders

We know that sometimes you are going to be busy and unavailable to take our Live Calls, when that happens our ContactConcierges™ will schedule appointments on your calendar at times that are convenient for you. Our calendar system organizes your schedule and sends out reminders so that you never miss important appointments.

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